Your Fitness. Your Fun.

    NOCK is a sanctuary for fitness enthusiasts, offering training programs targeted at strengthening one’s body through cardio, core training, and flexibility. Advocating fitness as a lifestyle, NOCK aims to bring holistic, effective, and fun group fitness classes to Singapore.

    Our Classes

    SURFSET Fitness Singapore

    SURFSET Fitness is the world’s most unique total-body workout, incorporating the use of a 1.8m long, custom-made unstable surfboard. It’s not just about surfing – work out on the board with yoga, Pilates, and HIIT exercises, with the board forcing and rewarding natural movements, balance, and symmetry. Fully engage your core and stabilizer muscles, and get into surfer shape by sculpting long, lean lines and muscles through your body.

    Poundfit Singapore

    POUND® is a group fitness workout that uses lightly weighted drumsticks and music to turn exercising into a high-octane, super-fun activity. Be part of the bass, rhythm, and snare in this exciting total-body fitness programme.

    The workout combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired movements to give you an effective and functional shredding session.