Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of the body does POUND work?

POUND is a true full body workout.

What will POUND® do for my cardio?

Large, rhythmic movements comprise our workout bass line making POUND® optimal for building aerobic fitness. Additionally, moments of intense intervals and explosive movements allow you to improve your anaerobic capacity. POUND® is a cardio challenge hidden by motivating and electric music as well as the fun of drumming.

What will POUND® do for my strength?

Squat, lunge, twist and lift your way to a stronger and leaner physique. Deep, focused movements build muscular strength and enhance muscle definition. In addition, exposure to a multitude of movements and strike patterns ups your neuro-muscular feedback loop aiding in strength gains.

What will POUND® do for my flexibility?

POUND®’s techniques progress you purposefully through 360-degrees of movement allowing you to increase your joint range of motion over time.

What other body benefits can I expect from POUND®?

Balance and core strength! Ripstix® combined with POUND® techniques keep the body consistently adapting to a shifting center of gravity throughout the workout. Over time your core will strengthen and your balance will improve as a response to the demands of the workout.

Can anyone take a POUND® class regardless of age and fitness level?

POUND® welcomes participants of any age, level, and ability and musical preference through flexible programming, diverse and exciting rhythms, exceptional instruction, and good old-fashioned fun. Our instructors implement our tiered modification system within every track to ensure that the workout suits the needs and ability of any age or level of participant.

I have an injury. Can I participate in a POUND® class?

You should consult a physician before engaging in any new exercise program. Physician consultation is especially important if you have a known injury or medical condition.

Who do I contact regarding a press or media opportunity?

Please direct all press inquires to [email protected]

Where did POUND® come from?

POUND® was started by two drummers in the USA. Get to know more about the POUND workout here.

Do you offer POUND® classes on the SURFSET board?

We’re not offering any POUND® sessions on the board at the moment. They are pretty different workouts, and not easy to integrate. Also, all POUND® venues have a unified pre-choreographed routine to adhere to, which is almost impossible on our boards. However, we’ve always liked a challenge, and things like this always inspire us. We may do something similar someday, so check back soon!

How does POUND® compare to SURFSET?

What we love about both programmes are how much fun they are! SURFSET is a more intensive exercise, due to the body control required for balancing on the board. But don’t get us wrong, POUND® can really rack up a sweat too. Ultimately, it’s like comparing surfing to dancing – both are fun, intense, and engaging, but they are altogether different beasts.

Are you the official POUND® studio in Singapore?

No, there’s no official POUND® studio or entity in Singapore. We are a registered POUND® venue and offering POUND® classes, following their lesson plans and choreography. Our instructors are also fully qualified POUND® instructors. However, our company is not formally affiliated to POUND Rockout Workout LLC, the company who owns the POUND® brand.

Can I buy the Ripstix?

Sorry, but we do not sell the Ripstix.