More Information is owned and operated by SURFSET Fitness Singapore.

SURFSET Singapore is a registered POUND® venue.

POUND® is a registered trademark of Pound Rockout Workout, LLC, a Californian company. Pound Rockout Workout, LLC is the principal owning and offering the POUND workout to locations worldwide.

SURFSET Singapore is a fitness studio located at Joo Chiat Road, Singapore. Besides offering SURFSET Fitness, yoga, and HIIT classes, SURFSET Singapore is also a registered POUND® venue, and authorized to conduct and offer POUND® classes with its team of POUND® certified instructors.

SURFSET Fitness is offering POUND®  classes, but is otherwise not affiliated to Pound Rockout Workout, LLC.

FAQ: Are you the official POUND® studio in Singapore?

No, there’s no official POUND® studio or entity in Singapore. We are a registered POUND® venue and offering POUND® classes, following their lesson plans and choreography. Our instructors are also fully qualified POUND® instructors. However, our company is not formally affiliated to POUND Rockout Workout LLC, the company who owns the POUND® brand.

FAQ: Are there other studios offering POUND® sessions in Singapore?

Yes, plenty!